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  • Ahmad and Rida broke the stereotype of fraudulent online rishta
    Ahmad: We’ve been together six months and before that we both had tried different online apps and websites. We both liked the photos of each other because added very minimal info in our profiles. We spoke through messages for about a month before exchanging numbers and then met after few weeks in person. Although it is not very popular in Pakistani society and culture, we were honest that we met online. Now we are happy about how we met. Sometimes going against the typical cultural norms and stereotypes is fun! The stigma has definitely changed very quickly due to social matrimony websites like Zawaj. One of my cousin have met her spouse online too. We fell in love over our want for a life partner and our enthusiasm for living life in the most exciting ways possible.”
  • Hina finally met Ali on Zawaj
    Ali: “My wife and I met on Zawaj in August 2018 and we got married just recently. We’re both teachers, but in different fields and institutions. She’s a high school science teacher. I’m assistant professor in a private university. She’s from Faisalabad (post-graduating MSc), and I’m from Johar Town, Lahore. I think I might still have some of our initial messages. She was about to give up on Zawaj and I thought we may not end up meeting, but I tried anyway. We continued talking and finally decided to meet one day. Well, that lead us to the marriage decision. We got engaged April 2018 and married November 2018. Funny enough, she received call from another person on Zawaj to ask for meeting while we were just celebrating our engagement.” Hina: “I never would have met Ali if not used Zawaj. I am sure our paths never would have crossed. Thanks God we both decided to try out online matrimonial network. Meeting him was worth every terrible rishta encounter that I ever had…I had a lot!”
  • Zara and Faizan married 6 months after meeting on Zawaj
    Zawaj: How did you start using Zawaj.pk? Zara: When I moved back to Lahore after completing post-graduation from Birmingham. Talks about my marriage were coming up every now and then at home. I was complaining about how backward Pakistani guys were! I just jumped on the bandwagon. A friend of my sister got her life partner on Zawaj so she suggested, I should give it a try. For my husband, it was just simple. He was looking for a long term relationship in the form of marriage... that's it! Zawaj: How did your relationship start? Zara: I don't even remember showing interest in him, but somehow we started sending messages on the Zawaj. When the conversation took off we did exchange numbers. It was almost like we'd known each other for years! We met a little over two monthss since we started talking. It was all very casual and fun. The rest, as they say, was history! Zawaj: What do you say to people who have doubts about finding life partner online? Zara: There's a stigma attached to online matrimonial platforms. Its mainly because most of our parents still have this traditional way of thinking, that there are 'proper' ways of meeting people. So when you meet someone online, you're taking the risks of flirt and also rebelling against these traditions. Then there’s another thinking is that using online platform means you're not confident and good enough to meet people personally, and you need help to start things up. I say go for it. Take the risks. Fall in love. If it fails, then try again. There are no such stats exists to prove that meeting people online and having a relationship could lead to flirt and disastrous ending. When you think about it, meeting people traditionally doesn't guarantee you a lifetime of happiness either. So you can take the risk go online and try your luck on Zawaj!
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